Training on Fire Safety and Evacuation

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The Work Shop will be for a duration of 4hrs
The topics covered will be Fire Prevention, Formation of Fire Squad, Fire Fighting with Extinguishers, Hose Reel Systems & Hydrant Systems.
A Mock Drill on Evacuation (Exclusively) is conducted, where in an Emergency Action Team will be formed with the assignment of Responsibilities during an Emergency. Duration – 4hrs.
All Participants will be provided a Certificate of Participation and a Manual on Fire Safety over the topics covered.
01) Fire Combination
02) Classification of Fire
03) Types of Extinguishment
04) Detection – Electronic Gadgets / Human Sensors
05) Warning – Automatic / Manual
06) Attack – Through Fire Extinguishers / Hydrant / Hose Reel / Water Spray Systems
07) Spread of Fire
08) General Industrial Fire Risks
09) Electrical Fire Hazards
10) Prevention of Fires
11) Protection of Fire
12) Types of Extinguishers
13) Contents of Extinguishers
14) Operating procedures of Fire Extinguishers

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